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JW Gripsoft Cat Double Sided Brush

JW Gripsoft Cat Double Sided Brush

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Product Description

This double-duty cat brush is the perfect solution for your cat’s grooming needs.  The JW Gripsoft Cat Double Sided Brush is excellent for medium to long haired cats of all breeds, ages and sizes.  It’s a dynamic tool that features a pin brush on one size that teases out tangles and snarls.  On the other side is a brush with bristles so you can bring out his coat’s true shine.  An ergonomically designed handle allows you to grip it comfortably and the non-slip construction makes the entire brushing process easy as pie. 

The dimensions are 11" X 5" X 2.8" and the weight is a mere 0.53 lbs.  Put an end to unhealthy and unsightly mats and tangles today.


I was really bad about picking up really cheap cat brushes at the dollar store. Time after time, I was disappointed because they fell apart. I splurged for this one but it is very well constructed and I think it will last a long, long time. Btw, it really wasn’t very expensive though it did cost more than a dollar.

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