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JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Scissors & Carrying Case

JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Scissors & Carrying Case

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Product Description

When it comes to trimming your kitty’s nails, it’s important to get it right the first time around.  The JW GripSoft Cat Nail Scissors are constructed of top quality, stainless steel for a cutting edge that results in a super quick and accurate cut - each and every time. The non-slip, great grip handle gives you a comfortable, secure handle on the situation. 

Also included is a styptic powder dispenser that thoughtfully includes a nail file, perfect for putting a stop for minor bleeding. Styptic powder dispenser and scissors fit right into the handy dandy carrying case.  The dimensions are 1.3" X 4.8" X 4.8" and it weighs only 0.375 lbs. so it’s light and easy to manipulate.  Make grooming your kitty a pleasure with this fine device.


I have tried many types of scissors to trim my cat’s nails with.  Some have really scared her and me as well. I love the way these cut so sharply and the styptic dispenser “just in case” things go wrong.  They were a pretty good bargain too. Do yourself a favor and just cut the hunt for good trimmers to the chase and get these the first time around. Cats don’t always give you a do-over.

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