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JW Gripsoft Dematting Rake

JW Gripsoft Dematting Rake

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Product Description

Get the mats out of your life with this JW GripSoft Dematting Rake, designed to remove mats from the very inner layers of the fur while cutting the hair where needed too.  The long blades are constructed of sturdy stainless-steel which cut through even the most tangled, hard-to-get-to mats and promote a coat that is free of tangles so it’s soft and smooth.  The GripSoft technology design features a grip that is slip-free and a handle that is ergonomic, providing the utmost in comfort for both you and your pet. 

The control of the device is incredible, allowing you to angle which is highly recommended.  Hold the rubber constructed handle slanted to an upright position so you never scratch your pet’s skin.  Regular use will render a beautiful, shiny coat the whole year round.  The dimensions are 9.5" X 5.5" X 2.75" and the weight is just 0.46 lbs. for ease in handling.


This is the most comfortable, concise fur cutting and brushing device I have ever used. It is very strong and sturdy and easy to use. You should see my dog’s coat...gorgeous!  I actually use it on my cat too so it doubles making it an even better buy.

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