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JW Gripsoft Flea Comb

JW Gripsoft Flea Comb

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Product Description

No fleas on this dog!  Be sure to keep nasty, irritating fleas off your dog with the Petmate JW GripSoft®Flea Comb.  It is thoughtfully designed with an ergonomically constructed comb that has metal teeth that are placed very tightly together so it is able to pick up fleas even from the densest coats and even in the hardest to reach spots.  

The innovative JW combs are specially designed so that the durable teeth are turned 90 degrees from the dog’s skin so it keeps the teeth parallel to the skin while combing, thus providing the ultimate in flea removal.  It also prevents "raking" the skin during the combing process which makes it much more comfortable for your dog. 

The ergonomically built handle is non-slip and is much more comfortable on your hands so you can have a pleasant time and your dog is comfortable with the process as well.  The dimensions are 10.8" X 4" X 0.8" and it weighs only 0.3 LB for super easy handling.


If flea ridding can be pleasant, it is with this comb. I hate fleas but my dog had them and we had to get rid of them. I like that this was a safe and chemical free way to get fleas off my dog. It was comfortable to use for both of us.

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