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JW Gripsoft Flea & Fine Comb

JW Gripsoft Flea & Fine Comb

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Product Description

Ditch the itch!  And, stop the madness of overpaying for grooming your pet when you can do it yourself for next to nothing.  The Petmate JW GripSoft Flea & Fine Comb has a two-in-one grooming feature tool that makes grooming easy, even when fleas are involved.  The fine-toothed comb features a separate flea comb that comes complete with a carrying case all its own.  Tangles are easily and conveniently removed with the stainless steel tines which work to help remove unsightly tangles and to smooth out the coat as well. 

The innovative flea comb is perfect for skin level hair parting so you can check for pests on your little pet.  If you discover any, the comb actually helps to remove the fleas and eggs as well.  And...there’s more!  This multitasking comb is just the right size to groom your pup’s face and eye area.  Tangles and mats will come right out as you straighten his hair with the comb.  The measurements for this Gripsoft Flea and Fine comb are 1.3" X 4.8" X 4.8" and it weighs just 0.79 LB.


I suspected my dog had fleas and sure enough, she did.  This comb made it easy to remove them and it left her coat looking very shiny and well-kept. It is very comfortable to hold and I like the imaginative design of it. Exactly as described. Good product!

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