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JW Gripsoft Nail Trimmer

JW Gripsoft Nail Trimmer

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Product Description

Now and then...he will need a trim.  Don’t pay outrageous fees to a groomer when you can do it all yourself.  The Petmate JW® GripSoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer for canines is a safe and very easy way to affordably keep your pup’s nails clipped.  The innovative guillotine style trimmer features a very comfortable, non-slip, rubber-sheathed handle that has a Gripsoft technology that naturally fits the curvature of your hand.  It also provides optimal comfort for you which is soothing for your pet and allows you maximum control while you are grooming him.  

The super durable, stainless-steel blades are very high-quality and have a built-in nail cutting guard which keeps you from cutting his nails too short.  The regular size is the ultimate fit for medium-sized breeds’ nails while the Jumbo size is ideal for larger dogs’ nails.  Gently stroke your dog to get him relaxed before grooming him for the best results.  The measurements are 4.8" X 1" X 7" and it weighs in at only 0.25 lb. for easy management.


These clippers are very easy to use. They are sharp and the handles are soft, easy to control. I like the fact that they have a safe guard area. Worked very nicely.

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