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JW Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet

JW Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet

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Product Description

What an attractive product!  When it comes to getting pet hair up, you need a tool that attracts it like a magnet.  Petmate has you covered!  The Petmate JW GripSoft Pet Hair Magnet sports a specially designed innovative 7" rubber blade, excellent for getting the hair off your furniture, bedding, clothing, car interior and seats, and everywhere else it may be lurking. 

It even gets to the embedded, hard to reach spots a vacuum cleaner can’t touch.  Clean the device with water or pick the hair off to clean it.  The dimensions are 7.75" X 2" X 7.6" and it weighs just 0.55 LB.  When it comes to ditching hair, make sure your tool is the best of the best.


I was really upset when we were ready to trade our car in because I couldn’t get all the dog hair cleaned out.  I have a short haired dog but he sheds very fine hair that sticks into the carpet and upholstery and is very difficult to get out.  I love this tool. It works great. I was able to get a good bit of the hair up and the car was traded in without a problem.

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