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JW Gripsoft Small Nail Clipper

JW Gripsoft Small Nail Clipper

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Product Description

Got a small fry who needs his nails cut?  The worst thing ever (for you and your pet) is to cut his nails into the quick.  It takes a long time to be forgiven.  Solving the problem is the Petmate JW GripSoft Small Nail Clipper that features an extra small design of clipper so you can comfortably and safely use it on your small breed cat, dog, bird, or even reptile. 

The non-slip handle makes it super easy to fit the natural curvature of your hand so you can clip with confidence.  They optimize precision and make the process a comfortable one for you and your beloved pet.  The handle also has Gripsoft technology so the clippers won’t accidentally slip out of your hand.  A high-quality built-in nail guard helps ensure you never cut too deep.  Regular grooming is important for the health of your pet. 

Check out the full line of JW Gripsoft products for the ultimate in pet grooming needs.  The dimension of this product is 5.8" X 4.3" X 0.3" and it weighs in at just 0.11 LB for ease in handling.


I was petrified to cut my kitten’s nails but they needed it because they kept getting hung up. She was as nervous as I was, if not more so. The most amazing thing about the clippers is that they are precise and sharp.  They are comfortable and easy to hold too. I am all about these clippers and highly recommend them!

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