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JW Gripsoft Styptic Powder

JW Gripsoft Styptic Powder

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Product Description

When your kitty gets a nick, it’s good to have JW Gripsoft Styptic Powder on hand.  Whether the cut was from having his nails trimmed, a brush with a tree, or whatever the injury was caused from, this product comes to the rescue.  The dispenser’s application cap is designed to pack the antihemorrhagic agent of styptic in a quick, convenient manner to stop bleeding in its tracks, instantly. 

The built-in nail file is an added bonus that removes nail trimming burrs from nails that have been cut.  This product is good for use on pets of all ages and sizes.  There are two dispensers in each package.  The ingredients are Ferric Subsulfate, Talc, Bentonite, Silicon Dioxide, Benzocaine, and Ammonium Chloride. 

The dimensions are 3.9" X 3.9' X 0.8" and it weighs only 0.09 lbs. for easy handling.


Good thing I thought ahead and bought this along with the clippers. I did snag her nail a little bit because she jumped when someone walked in the front door. I quickly applied the Styptic stick and she didn’t even realize she had been nicked and no blood got on my furniture, clothes or carpet.  It worked instantly. My advice is to grab one in foresight rather than hindsight.

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