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Product Description

Just a heads up that this toy rocks...and spins.  The Petmate JW Helmet Head puts a super fun spin on the classic Cuz toy line.  The innovative mix of materials - the tennis ball with the durable rubber encasing it- makes for fun that can’t be matched.  It is a multi-purpose toy that your dog will have a blast fetching or chewing. 

It is durable, built to last, for hours of fun and chomping.  The characterized rubber exterior adds even more durability and also creates unpredictable, erratic bouncing your dog will go nuts over.  Ships in assorted fun colors and measures 3.12 x 2.87 x 3.25.  It weighs only 0.45 LB for the ultimate in playing experience. Get your favorite furry friend one today!


I got this toy because it looked fun and durable. My dog chews toys up in no time. It is turning out to be very durable and she loves chasing it all about, trying to figure out which way it will bounce next. She never tires of it either. She also chews on it a lot and it is not wearing down at all.  Good toy and a good investment.

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