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JW Hol-ee Roller Egg

JW Hol-ee Roller Egg

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Product Description

Egg your dog on to have barrels of fun with this innovative Petmate JW Hol-ee Roller Egg pup toy is made to please.  This toy is a play-off of the do-it-all, multi-purpose concept of the best-selling Hol-ee Roller. Your dog will be stimulated both physically and mentally and will stay engaged and entertained for hours at a time.  It is perfect for interactive games like fetch and is great for tug and other fun games too. 

The center cavity of the toy can be stuffed with treats to challenge him even further, puzzling him in more ways than one.  It is made of a super durable rubber material and the medium and small sizes are excellent for dogs of most breeds and sizes.  Ships in assorted cheerful and vivid colors of blue, orange, and green.  It weighs in at 0.32 lb.


A fun ball that makes me not feel so guilty for having to go to work every day for long hours. The small one is perfect for my dog. She seems to really enjoy solving the puzzle and I know for sure she likes to get to the treat. It’s a good toy and I am not afraid she will chew it apart because it is well made. I recommend this highly.

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