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JW Hol-ee Roller Wobbler

JW Hol-ee Roller Wobbler

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Product Description

Get the fun rolling when you break out this super fun and innovative pooch toy.  The Petmate JW Hol-ee Roller Wobbler dog toy is the perfect combination of eating and play, a dog’s two favorite things to do.  It has the concept of the best-selling Hol-ee Roller couple with an auto-righting design that keeps dogs interested, entertained, and engaged. 

The top half can hold yummy treats while the bottom half is designed to weight down, creating a wobble to challenge and engage your pup and so it will stay upright even when your dog swats at it.  Intriguing and challenging, you’ll be stimulating your four-legged furry one to stimulate himself both physically and mentally. 

It is constructed of durable rubber that’s built to last and it is great for pups of all ages and sizes.  Available in awesome colors like red, green, and blue, the dimensions are 5.04x4.06x3.94 and it weighs in at just 0.34 LB for ultimate, lightweight fun.


Great toy my little dog is loving. It keeps her busy much of the day while I am away at work. It is very well constructed and is red so it’s eye-catching for her. She is very challenged by it which is awesome for her physically and mentally too. I love multi-functional toys and Petmate is pro at putting them out so kudos for this one.  It’s a winner!

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