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JW Magic Hat Bird Toy

JW Magic Hat Bird Toy

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Product Description

It’s magic when you pull your bird some big fun out of the hat. This JW Magic Hat Bird Toy magically transforms your feathered friend’s cage into a place of endless entertainment.

Sure to please, this innovative toy features a dangling chain for him to pull to produce a bunny and duck to immerge from the hat right before his very eyes.  Encourages engagement, stimulates physical and mental stimulation, and promotes motor skills.  The shiny mirror attracts your bird and the rest takes place like sheer magic.  The colorful toy links safely to the cage.  A sun and moon charm secure the great grip. 

With dimensions of 5" X 3" X 6.5" and weighing in at .19 lbs., this toy will ignite your bird’s imagination like never before.


Cute toy! It is well-made (for the price, at least) and very, very easy to attach. The bunny and duck hat trick is really imaginative. Looks to me like he’s trying to really figure out how it works. He has the hang of it though. I highly recommend this magically fun bird toy.

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