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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
JW Magneticat Interactive Cat Toy

JW Magneticat Interactive Cat Toy

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Product Description

This toy has a magnetic personality!  The JW Magneticat Interactive Cat Toy has universal dynamic appeal for cats and kittens of all ages.  Its mesmerizing magnetic motion hypnotizes kitties with its ladybug motion. The opposing magnetic forces move and swing the red and black, colorful lovely little bug on the end of a steel cat pole that is tightly covered with a woven nylon line which is quite durable. 

The base is bright red to attract your pretty kitty.  It is love at first sight when your favorite feline encounters this love bug that will keep him physically and mentally engaged for hours upon hours.  No batteries are required.  Perfect for interactive play, the dimensions are 6" X 2.25" X 16" and it weighs just 0.99 lbs. so it is great for all kittens and cats.


Really fun toy for my cat who needed some mental and physical stimulation. Well made.  Takes no batteries. The bug is colorful and cute and keeps kitty entertained while I’m away.

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