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JW Megalast Long Dog

JW Megalast Long Dog

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Product Description

Want a long toy your dog will play with for a long, long time?  The Petmate JW Megalast Long Dog is a the leader in...long!  It is constructed tough and is very flexible too.  It is made of Megalastomer, a material that is made to last but is gentle enough on your pet’s mouth, teeth, and gums. 

The TPR, or Thermo Plastic Rubber, innovatively fuses together elements of rubber and plastic and for extra added durability and high bounce factor. It is proudly made in the USA toys and is thoughtfully infused with a delicious vanilla that entices dogs to chomp and chew. The Petmate Megalast Long Dog is a fun toy your furry one is sure to love a long time. 

It is easy to grip and is absolutely perfect for tossing and fetching too! This long-lasting, long dog toy is so super-tough, it has no problem holding up to tough play. The resilient and pliable rubber has been proven to be the best material ever when it comes to satisfy a dog's craving to chomp and chew. The mega strong toy is bounces long and is long in fun as well.  It ships in random fun assortments of colors (green or blue).  The dimensions are 9.25" x 2.75" x 2.5" and it weighs 0.5 LB.  Get your dog a long time toy companion today!


This is a great toy. My dog thinks it smells good and so do I. It is cute because it’s so long and I have a weenie dog.  We use it for fetch and he played with it on his own too. It is bright so he can see it and is well made.

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