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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
JW Millet Spray Holder

JW Millet Spray Holder

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Product Description

Stimulate your feathered friend’s foraging instincts with this JW Millet Spray Holder that makes feeding fun. The attractive colorful plastic holder easily attaches to the cage by simply hooking onto the bars. It can also be hung from the JW Pet Treat Stick Holder that features a bottom tray to minimize spills and a curved perch as well.

This holder can be used with any variety of millet, stemmed treats and similar pet bird grasses. It is a cinch to remove and is a breeze to clean. Perfect for canaries, cockatiels, finches, and parakeets. The holder is 5”x1”x10.75” and weighs .13 lb.

Product Review

I put seeds and a sprig in the holder which worked out fine. My bird is funny because he won’t eat when I am watching so I had to spy on him but I did see that he was pecking away. The color and size are good. The quality is fine for the price. The toy made the food pretty easy to get to. I’d say this holder was a decent deal that served my purpose for it.


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