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JW Mixed Up Ying Yang Cuz

JW Mixed Up Ying Yang Cuz

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Product Description

Get your dog engaged when you throw him a curve ball...just be-cuz you can!  This crazy, zany Petmate JW Mixed Up Cuz dog toy is the perfect way to keep your dog active and intrigued.  It has all the perks of a regular ball but it also provides an extra bouncy twist. 

Strong and durable, this new mix of material unites nylon with the innovative wonders of TRP for the most iconic toy ever!  Perfect for interactive or for solo play, your four-legged furry friend can gnaw his heart out, chase it, and fetch it too.  The bounce is crazy and erratic so it will keep him on his paws, trying to figure it out and second guess where it will bounce to next. 

It is a medium size so it is excellent for most breeds and sizes of pups. It ships in assorted great colors and the dimensions are 3" X 2" X 3.85".  It is lightweight, making it ideal for fetch and tossing.


You should see my dog go after this fun toy. It is very bouncy and erratic so he likes the surprise element. It is durable and he can chomp on it very long and very hard without it showing much wear and tear at all. We play fetch a lot with it and are certainly getting my money’s worth out of it. Nice dog toy!

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