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JW Nutcase Bird Toy

JW Nutcase Bird Toy

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Product Description

Got a nut job on your hands?  Stretch your bird’s imagination and keep bird cage boredom at bay with the innovative Petmate JW Pet ActiviToy Nutcase bird toy.  It is a football-shaped bird toy that’s rubbery and stretchy too.  The cute toy dangles from a chain inside the cage to engage and entice your feathered friend.

The rubber is very soft and flexible and can be filled with nuts or treats, much to the delight of your bird.  He’ll be busy for hours trying to get to the goodies as he manipulates to try to remove them from inside.  Physically and mentally stimulating, this bird toy exercises his mind, body and also gives him rewards for his actions by offering treats. 

It is excellent for parrots of all sizes and other feathered ones as well.  The dimensions are 4.5" X 2.5" X 10" and it weighs in at 0.28 LB.  Get your bird one today and stretch his mind to all new heights. 


Polly, my bird, was very bored. I really worried she would die of boredom and I’m not kidding. This toy has made her come alive. The treats inside are a big incentive for her to engage. It is a cute toy that serves a great purpose and is well made and easy to put treats in. Very happy with this product. My only complaint is that it didn’t come with treats but I was able to easily purchase some separately.

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