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JW Peck A Mole

JW Peck A Mole

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Product Description

Make your way on down to the big top!  Treat your pet bird to this fun packed JW Pet Peck a Mole Bird Toy.  The clever and cute carnival style toy will have your feathered friend chirping praises for the greatest toy on earth.  Stimulates your bird mentally and physically. 

The shiny mirror lets him admire himself and captures his interest white the rattle hammer swivels on the base as your bird manipulates it.  He can even push the tiny moles down into the bird toy with the hammer if he is so inclined to.  The Peck A Mole ships in random, fun and cheery assorted colors.  The dimensions are 5.1" X 3.5" X 6.8" and it weighs 0.2 lbs.


Now, this is the toy of all toys.  My pet cockatiel adores this fun Peck a Mole game and is getting very good at hammering the mole. I really enjoy watching her.  I think she is as proud of herself as I am of her. Very well made for the price.

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