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JW Pet Cataction Spring String Cat Toy

JW Pet Cataction Spring String Cat Toy

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Product Description

Pull your cat’s strings with this JW Pet Cataction Spring String Cat Toy, designed to delight your fave feline.  The bouncing action will drive him batty (in a good way) and will stimulate him to engage in mental and physical activity.  He’ll pounce and play for hours. 

The toys allow the string to attach to any type of doorknob so you end up transforming a door into a play palace of fun in just a matter of minutes. A furry, brightly colored feathered mouse dangles to capture your cat’s eyes while a bungee cord keeps it dancing to intrigue your furry friend.  Great for all breeds, sizes and ages of cats and kittens to engage and channel their natural pouncing and hunting instincts.  The materials used for constructing are very durable and are non-toxic as well. 

The dimensions are 4" X 3.25" X 8.75" and it weighs a mere 0.34 lbs. for maximum enjoyment.  Excellent for solo play to keep your kitty out of mischief and to keep him from getting bored.

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