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JW Playplace Lattice Football Dog Toy

JW Playplace Lattice Football Dog Toy

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Product Description

Who’s a good football player?  Fido is!  Make sure the next toy you give your furry friend scores a touchdown with this Petmate JW Playplace Lattice Football Dog Toy that is sure to satisfy his desire to be on the winning team.  Great for interactive games, like fetch, and awesome for solo play too, this toy will get your dog’s adrenaline going.  It is super bouncy and is brightly colored to get his visual attention too. 

It is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and made of strong, durable material that holds up to all the chomping your dog can give it.  The toy helps to satisfy your pup’s need to chew so he stays away from your slippers and the sofa.  Ships in various fun, assorted colors and measures 3.5" X 4.7" X 13".  It weighs 0.34 LB.  Win the game. Give your dog the football toy of champions.


Hilarious to watch my dog chase after this football. She adores it. It is a good size and is also helping her stay away from chewing on sticks which can be dangerous. It bounces well and I like]] that it is non-toxic and recyclable is a big plus!

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