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JW PlayPlace Ring Dog Toy

JW PlayPlace Ring Dog Toy

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Product Description

Do you have a chew master on your hands?  It can be frustrating to come home to chewed-up slippers, sofas, and carpets.  Get the toy that satisfies his need to chew and teeth.  The innovative Petmate JW PlayPlace Ring Toy is a great quality, durable, long-lasting pup toy that is thoughtfully constructed to hold up to even the toughest chewers. Each dog toy is made with very sturdy and durable double-knot ropes at the end for added safety and entertainment as well.  

The Petmate PlayPlace line of multi-tasking, multi-textured canine toys are made out of JW's super durable and tough Megalastomer which just happens to be earth-friendly too as they are 100% recyclable.  The toys are all non-toxic. The Play Place Ring Toy does a fabulous job of engaging your dog’s attention while it takes all your tough chewer and heavy teether can dish out.  Curbs destructive, negative behavior of chewing things that are dangerous and not supposed to be gnawed on. 

Physically and mentally stimulating, this great dog chew toys ships in cheerful assorted fun colors and has the dimensions of 1.125" X 5" X 7".  It is ultra-lightweight at just 0.39 lbs. for optimal entertainment.  Get your pup one today and put an end to naughtiness.


I came home from work one day and not only was my rug chewed up, my dog was choking. I had to rush him to the vet and threads were stuck in his throat so it actually required surgery. It was horrible, as you can imagine. I really appreciate the quality of this toy and the fact that it detours my puppy from getting hurt and also from hurting my possessions. I recommend it for the enjoyment and the safety of your dog!

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