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JW PlayPlace Squeaky Ball

JW PlayPlace Squeaky Ball

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Product Description

Dogs love squeaky toys and they adore balls too so why not combine the two?  The Petmate JW PlayPlace Squeaky Ball dog toy will get your dog's motor running and adrenaline pumping. Constructed from JW's Megalastomer, super tough, multi-textured bouncy translucent material, this cheerfully colored fun ball is durable and 100% recyclable too.

The material is safe and non-toxic, entertaining your four-legged friend for hours on end.  It holds up to all he can dish out and is tougher than most teethers and chew toys so your big chewer can chew his heart out.  Don’t let your pup keep getting into trouble chewing things he’s not supposed to. 

Get this PlayPlace Squeaky Ball and get him into positive action, it’s a healthy alternative to naughty behavior.  Ships in assorted bright, fun colors.  The dimensions are 3.4" X 3.4" X 3.4".  It weighs in at 0.28 LB.


My Lab chews.  I think he could chew a tree down if he wanted to. I got him this ball to curb his appetite for chewing and it works great. He likes it a lot. It is also vivid in color and is durable. I do wish I could have picked the color though.

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