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JW Punching Bag Bird Toy

JW Punching Bag Bird Toy

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Product Description

Just wait until your bird gets in the ring with this innovative JW Punching Bag Bird Toy.  Your bird will love pushing, pulling and shaking the bag and might just be the next new champ.  Featuring a bright red pull tug that moves the bag and rings the bell, the toy has a slatted design for a safe grip, he’ll get into the action. 

Your feathered friend will learn that actions produce rewards and will encourage him to repeat the play.  Put an end to cage boredom when you bring this great toy home.  It’s super easy to bolt onto any bird cage.  Excellent for cockatiels, parakeets and other similar sized birds.  The dimensions are 5" X 4" X 6.5" and the weight is 0.18 lbs.


I’m a boxing fan so my girlfriend got this for my bird. It is perfect...perfect size, built well and makes my little Tweety very happy.  It is a really good deal and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see their bird have a lot of fun.

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