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JW Shooting Gallery Bird Toy

JW Shooting Gallery Bird Toy

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Product Description

This bird toy is a sure shot to big fun.  Your feathered friend will love this great game.  The JW Shooting Gallery Bird Toy will engage your feathered friend for hours upon hours of fun at the big top. 

A shiny mirror engages him to admire his own beauty while spin rattling targets challenge him for a shooting game.  He’ll get plenty of physical and mental exercise.  The ball that is attached can be picked up and then dropped so that it swings right into the bottle and birdie targets which cause them to spin as his well-deserved reward. 

The toy is built to last.  Relieves cage boredom.  Excellent for small birds like cockatiels and parakeets.  The dimensions are 5.1" X 2.75" X 6.8" and it weighs in at 0.17 lbs.


I have never seen such a fun toy for birds.  My bird is actually so excited about the game toy that she gets a little bit of stage fright.  She’ll get the hang of it though. It is very colorful and she already goes up to the mirror to check herself out. Well-constructed and easy to put in the cage.

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