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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
JW Skid Stop Basic Bowl

JW Skid Stop Basic Bowl

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Product Description

This JW Pet Skid Stop Basic Bowl is the perfect no-scoot, no-mess bowl for feeding your pet. This bowl is designed with a heavy-duty rubber base on the bottom which keeps it from sliding, scooting or moving around on the floor while your pet is attempting to eat his meal or drink his water. The firm gripping rubber bottom even works on slippery surfaces and keeps the bowl from tipping too. This innovative stain-resistant plastic and thermoplastic feeding and/or watering bowl is treated as bacteria-resistant, won’t rust and is dishwasher safe.  Available in random, fun colors. 


I spoil my dog, too much I guess. As much time as I spend mixing little scraps of people into his food, he spends picking through the kibbles to get the “good stuff” without touching the dog food. This makes for a huge mess every time he eats and a lot of obnoxious noise as he scoots his bowl all the way across the kitchen floor. I am quite happy with this bowl because it doesn’t slide or scoot so there’s less mess and no obnoxious noise.  Now if I can just wean him off the people scraps, I’ll be in business.

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