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JW Skid Stop Heavyweight Bowl

JW Skid Stop Heavyweight Bowl

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Product Description

No more shake, rattle, and scoot.  When it comes to feeding time, bowls skidding around the floor can be obnoxious and messy.  Put a screeching halt to the screeching and scooting now with the Petmate JW Skid Stop Bowl.  This fine bowl is very durable, built to last.  It is made of stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, plastic and boasts a super heavy-duty rubber rim on it that makes it next to impossible to skid or even to tip it during meals. 

It is available in great, fun colors so it will fit right into the décor of your home.  The measurements are 8" X 8" X 2.5" and it weighs just 0.49 lb. so you can easily lift to fill it.  The bowl has a 2 cup capacity.


God am I ever grateful to have this bowl. Feebee loves to scoot her bowl. It is her way of saying she wants more but it gets on my nerves. This bowl does as said and doesn’t skip or scoot. It looks nice too.

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