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JW Small Bell Bird Toy

JW Small Bell Bird Toy

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Product Description

Chime in on this great deal.  Give your feathered one the JW Small Bell Bird Toy that will ring his bell for endless entertainment and exercise, of both the physical and mental varieties. 

This innovative bird bell is acrylic and has a screw-on attachment which easily attaches to the side of any bird cage.  A sleek and shiny acrylic bell is there for his pleasing, stimulating his many senses.  Two brightly beaded dangles are available for his grasping and pulling instincts to prey on.  The dangles can be pulled to ring the bell. 

Ideal for small sized birds like parakeets and cockatiels.  The dimensions are 5.25 x 4 x 1.25 inches.


Oh...the bell.  My parakeet rings it all day and all night.  Good thing that it easily attaches and unattaches or I would get no sleep ever. I do love that he loves his bell so and he is a pro at pulling the beaded string to ring it. He’s very smart and with this toy, is quite active now and well entertained.

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