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JW Tumble Bell

JW Tumble Bell

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Product Description

Ring my bell...ring my bell!  Your bird will be singing right along when you add this rough and tumble fun Tumble Bell ActiviToy to his cage.  The brightly colored durable plastic barrel toy spins, ringing a bell inside. 

Made of durable bright translucent plastic, this fine bird toy easily bolts onto both horizontal and vertical barred cages with a single easy-grip nut.  Perfect for cockatiels, parakeets and other similar sized birds, the Tumble Bell.  The product weighs .19 pounds and is 5.25" X 2" X 7".


Nice toy that my cockatiel is mesmerized by. I can sit for hours and watch him play with this toy. He tilts his head like he is trying to figure out what is making the bell ring. It is cute. The toy is better made than most bird toys in this price range. It was simple to put on the cage. This product gets an A+.

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