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JW Wanderfuls

JW Wanderfuls

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Product Description

Your cat will have a blast just trying to figure out what this JW Wanderfuls toy is.  Bring out the curiosity in your fluffy feline with this interactive toy on a wand.  The whimsical creature on the end of the long stick and durable string has bright feathers that are infused with natural catnip to bring out the ultimate pleasure in play. 

Stimulate his mind and body and provide hours of entertainment with this great and imaginative toy that ships in assorted styles and colors.  Excellent for kitties of all ages. 

The dimensions are 14" X 5" X 1.5" and it weighs only .14 lbs.  Get your cat one today and get him in gear.


I like that the catnip is natural, especially since my cat is just a kitten. He loved this toy and was intrigued by the colorful feathers. I figured the toy would fall apart right away but it didn’t. It is well made. I do wish I could pick the exact one I wanted but that ship randomly and I was happy enough with the one I got. My kitten was fine with it too. Great product as far as I am concerned.

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