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MuttNation Back Stage Pass Charm Set

MuttNation Back Stage Pass Charm Set

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Product Description

Whether it’s Snoop Doggy Dog, Three Dog Night, or The Pink Poodles your dog is into, the Petmate  MuttNation Back Stage Pass Charm Set gets your pup into the coveted backstage area so she can rock and roll.  Or, maybe it’s just a flea collar but is super rad, all the same.  This pig charm set adds a little bit of punky rock & roll flair to your pup's collar.  Constructed of pewter and features a hot pink charm set, this fine piece has Miranda Lambert's signature pink guitar on it and rocks a backstage pass for your pooch’s concert-going pleasure. 

You can easily connect a collar D ring or tags with the claps that come attached.  The product is excellent for a wide variety of dogs.  What’s really grrrreat is that each and every purchase of the MuttNation Charm Set helps fund the worthy mutt rescue and adoption programs of the  MuttNation Foundation.  The dimensions are 0.12" x 3.11" x 4.76" and it weighs in at a mere .04 lb. so it doesn’t weigh your favorite four-legged rock fan down.


I am the bass guitarist in a band so my girlfriend got this charm set for my dog who is also the mascot for the band. It is so cute and gets her even more attention than she already got which I didn’t think could be possible. It is funny and it is also made well.

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