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MuttNation Plaid Rope

MuttNation Plaid Rope

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Product Description

When your four-legged furry friend is up for some good old-fashioned fun, make sure he gets it with the Petmate MuttNation Plaid Rope dog toy that is made from strong, durable cotton so he can sink his teeth right into it and give it all he’s got.  Fantastic for toss, tug, and awesome for a game of fetch, this toy is fun for all.  Each of the Plaid Rops toys has a real guitar strap and sports true rock and roll fashion flair. 

They also feature the MuttNation Logo patch to remind you that each time you make a purchase from this great company, you are supporting the MuttNation foundation to help pets in need.  The toys are available in vivid assorted colors of red, pink, and blue.  They come in three sizes so they are perfect for all breeds, ages, and sizes of pooches.  Perfect for interactive play or for solo play. 

The dimensions are 1.13" x 7" x 17.5" and they weigh a mere 0.45 LB so they are quite light for toting, tossing, and fetching.  Get your pup one today!


This is my dog’s new favorite toy. He carries it everywhere he goes and sleeps with it too. He sits it in my lap when he wants me to play fetch with him. It is very durable and well-made. I love that it is lightweight and I think he likes that too.

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