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Petmate Adjustable Eco Cat Collar

Petmate Adjustable Eco Cat Collar

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Product Description

Make a fashion statement with this 100% recycled collar creatively constructed from plastic bottles!  The Petmate Adjustable Eco Cat Collar combines comfort and style with green living to bring you the best cat collar ever. 

The collar adjusts easily so your kitty can grow in style.  It fits most any cat and comes in great colors.  It features a multi-directional breakaway clip that releases if your beloved feline gets tangled.  It is so safe and innovative, it’s patented. 

Purrrrfect for indoor and outdoor kitties, the collar also has a whimsical removable bell and durable webbing.  Measures 3/8 in width and is 8-10”.  Save the world and keep your cat safe all in one smart purchase.  Get yours today!


I am in love with the concept of making cat collars from recycled bottles.  How genius! I bought five and am going to also buy more to donate to a cat shelter I volunteer at.  Hats off to whoever invented this great product.

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