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Petmate Adjustable Reflective Cat Collar

Petmate Adjustable Reflective Cat Collar

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Product Description

There’s nothing more important than keeping your favorite feline safe.  This fashionable Petmate Adjustable Cat Collar keeps him safe in style.  The reflective collar means he can be seen if he is out at night and the bell lets you know where he is at all times plus gives the collar a fashion flair. 

The buckles are color-coordinated and are adjustable so he can wear it through all the stages of his life (all nine of them).  Available in fun stylish colors and patterns, the breakaway buckle provides for easy release should he get in a tangle.  Great for cats of all ages and sizes and is excellent for indoor or outdoor use. 

The dimensions are 3/8" X 8-12" and it weighs only 0.07 lbs., making it ultra-comfortable.  Get yours today and make sure your favorite feline stays safe.


Great color that combines fashion and safety. I have a new kitten and am using the tightest notch but I will soon be adjusting it. I love the look and she seems to feel it is comfortable because she is not complaining at all about it. She doesn’t go out at dark at the present but in the event she does, I know she is safer because of the reflective feature. Sturdy and durable from what I can see so far.

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