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Petmate Adjustable Standard Core Mesh Harness

Petmate Adjustable Standard Core Mesh Harness

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Product Description

Sometimes, you’ve got to keep your dog in reach and we all know that a walk with your dog can be a wonderful experience...or a hair-raising one.  But you sure don’t want to sacrifice comfort when you keep your dog in line.  Turn to the name you can trust when it comes to your pooch’s best interest, Petmate. 

The Petmate Adjustable Standard Core Mesh Harness for canines is a fashion statement.  It is super-stylish and ultra-comfortable too.  This harness has all the bells and whistles and will keep your pup safe and secure.  The body of the harness is thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably and avoid strain and pulling while it distributes the weight of your dog’s body evenly in order to promote an awesome walking experience for both you and your pooch. 

The padded material is lightly padded and the mesh is breathable so it is super comfortable, thus promoting a great walk.  An adjustable slide that is located in the chest area helps the harness sport a snug and custom fit.  Also included is a heavy-duty, top-quality plastic buckle.  There is also a nylon strap with a durable D-ring so you can conveniently attach a leash.  The dimensions are 11-13" and it weighs only 0.19 LB so it won’t weigh your pup down.


Until I got this harness, it was a nightmare to walk my dog. He is not good behind the leash and it ended up so bad that I wasn’t walking him at all which is not good for him or our relationship. But with this well-made harness, we have started taking out walks again. He doesn’t mind it at all because it is padded and comfortable.  Thanks for giving my dog his walks back, Petmate!

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