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Petmate Adustable Glow Cat Collar

Petmate Adjustable Glow Cat Collar

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Petmate Adjustable Glow Cat Collar

Go glow!  This Petmate Glow in the Dark Adjustable Cat Collar is designed with your favorite feline’s safety in mind.  It illuminates in the dark so he can be seen at night and is a fashion statement as well.  The breakaway buck and bell provide easy release in the event he becomes tangled.

The collar fits most any cat and is perfect for outside or indoor cats.  Your cat will be styling down the catwalk and will be safe as well!  How great is that?  The dimension is 3/8" X 8-12" and it weighs 0.056 lbs.  Get yours today!


My cat stays out at night so I am, of course, concerned with her safety. She sometimes goes out on walks during the night...not something I advocate but sometimes she does it anyway. This collar is nice and well-made and gives me peace of mind because it can be seen in the dark. It actually does glow. I have adjusted it twice and it is very easy to adjust. It’s a good bargain of a nice looking collar.

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