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Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

Product Description

Make sure you cat’s steps are clean steps.  Take your own step to cleanliness with this innovative Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep litter box that is a sleek solution to an age-old problem- the tracking of cat litter. 

This step design catches litter from the paws of your cat and the hooded top ensures his privacy and helps keep spraying and flying litter at bay as well. 

The Booda Dome is 50% larger than most kitty litter boxes and the stylishly sleek design is useful for minimizing overflow, spraying, and tracking.  The dome top also helps to minimize odors. 

The product is available in a variety of pearlescent colors and it is proudly made in the USA.  The measurements are 22.5" X 22.5" X 19" and the weight is 6.8 lbs.

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My cat thinks she is something else with this fancy litter box. She is in heaven.  She really likes doing her business in private and I like that the litter doesn’t get scattered and that I don’t have to look at the litter.  The dome is very well built and is very stylish too. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a cat or multiple cats.

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