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Petmate Cat Crazies Toys

Petmate Cat Crazies Toys

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Product Description

Your kitty will go absolutely nuts over Petmate Cat Crazies Toys.  These innovative fun toys are so unique, they are patented.  Use them on a smooth surface to get the most madness out of them.  Your kitty can slide, flip, roll, carry and cuddle them.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to these Crazies, available in a four pack of brightly colored plastic shapes.  The dimensions are

5" X 1" X 6" and it weighs in at just .0625 lbs. for the ultimate in erratic bouncing fun. 


I have never seen such a fun cat toy. My kitten goes bananas over this one because it bounces haphazardly, surprising her at every turn of the way. It’s a well-made toy that doesn’t cost much at all. Well worth the investment for hours of never-ending fun.


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