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Petmate Cat Wheel

Petmate Cat Wheel

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Product Description

This fun wheel keeps spinning round and round to delight your pretty kitty time after time.  The Petmate Cat Wheel is created to offer continual play for your cat so he can claw his heart out and get the exercise that is so beneficial for him.  Cats love nothing more than clawing, scratching, hunting and batting and those are the very things your cat will engage in when you give him this fun toy.  The hexagonal wheel is covered with durable carpet and spins to entice him to pull and knead. 

A contrasting, colorful and moveable mouse attached to the carpet area zips wildly as the wheel spins and just below the wheel is a corrugated texture built in to mix the texture up a bit (because cats like things like that!).  A packet of catnip is included for sprinkling on the corrugated area and/or the carpet to really spice up playtime.  This toy is excellent for solo play to keep your bored cat out of mischief.  Available in an assortment of fun colors and the dimensions are 7.8" X 10" X 9.5".  It weighs 2 lbs.


I purchased this toy for my kitten for Christmas. He went bananas over it. I kept thinking he would get tired of it but all these months later, he’s as excited as he was on Christmas morning.  It is surprisingly well made and the catnip is great. I keep buying more because he really likes it.

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