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Petmate Corner Sifting Litter Pan

Petmate Corner Sifting Litter Pan

Product Description

Corner your litter spills and nip the problem in the bud.  This Petmate Corner Sifting Litter Pan is the first of its kind, brought to you by Petmate, the company that has pet parent problems covered. 

This innovative, easy-to-clean pan has a unique space-saving shape so it fits right in that corner you’re not using and the high sides keep litter (and cat spray) from going onto your floor.  The low entry and exit make it super easy for young kittens and older cats to get in and out. 

The pan features a patented sifting technology that does away with the old-school way of scooping and assures your litter pan will be squeaky clean after each rotation. 

There are two pans and one sifting pan that require no scooping or shaking.  Use with clumping litter.  Proudly made in the USA, this product is constructed of eco-friendly sturdy and durable plastic that easily cleans up with soap and water. 

The dimensions are 26" X 19" X 11.7" and it weighs 6.12 lbs. 

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Best idea ever. I put this neatly away in the corner of my room and don’t have to sift or shake it. I really like it and recommend it. The style is good as well. Easy to clean and easy to move.

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