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Petmate Deluxe Signature Adjustable Collar

Petmate Deluxe Signature Adjustable Collar

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Product Description

Does your dog need a little adjustment?  In his collar size, that is!  If so, Petmate’s got him covered.  The Petmate Deluxe Signature Series sports a stylish distinctive line of quality nylon collars that are perfect for your pup because they can easily be adjusted for the ideal size and fit he needs. 

This Petmate Signature collar line innovatively integrates fashion, strength and top-notch performance to make sure your dog is the leader of the pack in all three areas.  It is constructed of super soft, fray-resistant webbed nylon and features a sturdy, heavy-duty stitching with tough-as-nails metal buckles for added safety and durability.  The dimensions are 1" X 18-26" and it is very lightweight so it won’t drag him down.  When you care to give your pup the best, you can’s Petmate!


I really like this collar for my dog who just keeps on growing. It’s like she grows every week and I have spent a good deal changing her collars out. This one has a lot of adjustment choices and it looks very nice and is a good quality too. It’s a winner - paws down!

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