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Petmate Flexible Litter Mat

Petmate Flexible Litter Mat

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Product Description

Put an end to scattered cat litter today!  This Petmate Flexible Litter Mat is designed with top-quality, durable materials that ingeniously keeps litter from spreading and scattering.  Built to last for years and years, this mat helps prevent litter from sticking on your cat’s paws and thus being tracked throughout the entire house and on the furniture too.  The mat is super easy to clean - simply shake the pieces of litter from the top of the mat or even use your vacuum to suck it up. 

Then, place the flex mat outside your favorite feline’s litter container so his paws drop off any attached litter.  Your floors have never been cleaner than they will be when you use this flexible mat that comes in grey tone with cat paws in the design, perfect for most décor.  One size fits all. 

The dimensions are 17.1" X 14" X 0.25" and it weighs just 0.92 lbs. for easy lifting.


This is a nice and useful product that helps my flooring stay cleaner. It is very easy to shake but I usually vacuum it up. My cat doesn’t mind stepping on it. I was afraid she’d just jump over it but...not so. Very durable and a cute paw print design.

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