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Petmate Fresh Flow II Fountain Cat

Petmate Fresh Flow II Fountain Cat

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Product Description

Keep the love (and water) flowing with this Petmate Fresh Flow II that will keep your favorite feline coming back for more water all day long.  This fountain works off a filter to purify and provides cool water for your pet, perfect for dogs or cats, especially households where multiple pets reside.  The water circulates and recirculates so it flows through the filter to naturally provide cool and always fresh drinks for your pets which encourages them to drink their share, promoting health and happiness too. 

Included is a reservoir that makes for fewer refills and a submersible low voltage pump that aerates the water in a very quiet fashion.  The gently running fountain can be plugged into any standard AC household outlet.  A replaceable charcoal and debris filter comes with it as well.  The unit is super easy to clean, suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages and is 12.9" x 9.1" x 8.2". 

Changing the filter out is easy and is recommended every 30 days for ensured freshness.  The product weight is 2.02 lbs. and the capacity is 110 oz.  A one-year limited warranty accompanies the fountain.


The first one I got was damaged in the mail but it was quickly replaced by the most wonderful pet fountain I have ever seen. Both my two dogs and one cat love this fountain. It is fabulous to know they all three have abundant fresh water at all times because I am elderly and cannot always get out to change the water bowls enough. I highly recommend this great product.


Nothing is more important than water for animals and humans alike. I love how my no-water-drinking cat is now loving her water. She plays in it a little too which is cute. Looks like this fountain is made to last a good, long time. Very pleased.

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