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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Petmate Heggies - Farmer

Petmate Heggies - Farmer

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Product Description

And on the farm, he had a dog, e-i-e-i-o!  Talk about having some down to earth fun, your pooch will have a hay day with the Petmate best-selling Heggies-Farmer.  Sure to please, this cute and cuddly toy is super soft, very snuggly and will grunt their way right into your furry one’s heart. 

Pups adore these unique plush characters that include the Fisherman, Super Hero, Princess, Fisherman, Army, Chef, and Winter.  Their grunting sounds will intrigue your pet and will make you laugh as well.  The toys are soft on your dog’s mouth, ideal for sleeping next to and offer hours of endless entertainment. 

Excellent for dogs of all sizes and ages, Heggies are a sure-fire hit. The dimensions are 6.7" X 4.3" X 3.9" and they weigh .22 LB.  Get your dog enjoying the farm life today!


I actually live on the farm so I thought this toy would be great for my dog. It sure is too. The grunting sound is really cute and the toy is durable and soft. My dog even takes it outside and it is still in one piece. I recommend this toy to all dog parents.

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