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Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan

Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan

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Product Description

If you’re tired of your cat scattering litter or spraying into the room, you’ll love this Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan, ideal for large cats and those with messy habits. The high back features a protection from your cat’s mess and offers him a low entrance so he can get and out with ease.  Available in jumbo size and in assorted colors.

Measures 21-1/5-inch length by 17-1/3-inch width by 10-1/3-inch height.


My husband was about to make me get rid of our new cat because he sprays and is very, very messy with his potty habits. Then, as a last resort, I purchased this hi back pan which saved the day for my cat. It works well and has solved the problems we had.

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