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Petmate Hooded Corner Litter Pan

Petmate Hooded Corner Litter Pan

Product Description

Do you feel like your space is being littered?  Check out this Petmate Hooded Corner Litter Pan, specifically designed to save you space by placing your cat’s litter pan in the corner of the room. 

It features a hood that helps reduce litter scatter and spray and also provides a low entry and exit in the front which accommodates cats and kittens of all ages and sizes, especially older or very young ones. 

Made of durable plastic with a reinforced bottom, this litter pan has two sturdy latches that hook the hood and base securely together.  The hood, along with the odor-absorbing carbon filter, couple together to reduce odors so your house smells nice and fresh. 

This is the perfect solution for cats that love to dig in the litter.  Proudly made in the USA.  Super easy to clean with just soap and water.  The dimensions are 26" X 19" X 19.4" and it weighs 4.21 lbs.

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My cat thinks she is a dog.  She digs outside and in her litter pan too. This product sure helps the litter not fly out everywhere. I am more than pleased. I think she appreciates the hood for privacy too.  The filter helps eliminate odor and I see they are not much to replace.

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