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Petmate Litter Mat Circles Design

Petmate Litter Mat Circles Design

Product Description

Paws cat litter mess forever.  This Petmate Litter Mat Circles Design cat mat minimizes cat litter being scattered all over the floor so your cat’s paws stay clean and so do your floors. 

The tufted litter mat is thoughtfully created from rubberized material that is soft and durable too.  It is comfortable on your cat’s paws so he won’t mind stepping on it and free his paws of litter. 

The webbed design traps the litter that would be tracked around by your cat.  The circles are fashionable and unique, a nice addition to any room’s décor. 

The dimensions of the product are 35" X 23" X .025" and it weighs in at just one pound.

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This circle mat looks so much better in the cat room than I thought it would.  I wouldn’t mind having it out in the family room, actually. It does the job of keeping my kitty’s paws from getting full of litter and being strewn all around the house. It is easy to clean and is perfect.

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