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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Petmate Metallic Cat Bell

Petmate Metallic Cat Bell

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Product Description

You’ll never lose track of your kitty again with this 12mm Petmate Metallic Cat Bell. The chiming, shiny bell adds a nice fashion flair to your cat’s collar and alerts you (and wild birds) of his presence as well.

The bell weighs only 0.01 lb. so it is lightweight and comfy. One size fits all. Randomly ships in an assortment of great colors.


I was very pleased with my purchase. The bell fits right on Furnando’s collar and looks great plus it lets me know where he’s at. It is light so it doesn’t bother him. There wasn’t a choice in colors so fortunately we didn’t end up with a sissy color. I highly recommend this bell. I’ve had one in the past that was pure junk so I was relieved this one was really good quality and that it actually makes the noise it should.

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