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Petmate Pup Top Food Can Topper

Petmate Pup Top Food Can Topper

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Product Description

Got your ears on?  If you’re tired of your leftover dog food smelling up your refrigerator, you’ll love this Pup Top can cover that fits snugly over open cans of dog food.  It safely and conveniently keeps food remaining in can fresh for your dog’s next meal.  The lid is made of durable plastic with an adorable puppy face imprinted in the design on the top.  Simply pull the ears up to open the lid.  The Pup Top Food Can Topper comes in a variety of cheery colors that are shipped randomly.  The dimensions are 4x4x5” and it weighs .13 lbs. 


Dimensions: 4" X 4" X .5"
Product Weight: 0.0625 LB


 Being a bachelor, I have enough trouble keeping my fridge from looking like a science experiment without worrying about my dog’s leftover food.  My girlfriend actually gave me this and gotta rocks!  Keeps the food fresh too.

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