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Petmate Ribbon Overlay Adjustable Cat Collar

Petmate Ribbon Overlay Adjustable Cat Collar

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Product Description

Your kitty will be the star of the catwalk with this innovative and high fashion Petmate Ribbon Overlay Adjustable Cat Collar.  It’s all the rage in color and print style and comfort too. 

The collar features a breakaway, multi-directional buckle complete with a silver bell.  The shiny ribbon overlay adds the purr-fect touch to the high-quality fashion statement piece, guaranteed to turn heads of other pet-parents and fellow felines alike. 

The buckle even releases in the event your kitty gets tangled up.  The product weighs in at a lightweight .06 lbs. and the dimensions are 3/8" X 8-12".  Get your cat’s motor purring with this adorable collar today.


I’m not one to write reviews but my kitten would probably not be with us today if it wasn’t for the safety buckle on this collar.  She had tangled herself up in a ball of yarn while I was gone.  Note to self - never leave a cat, especially a playful kitten, unattended with yarn.  I returned home to see that it had gotten in the buckle.  Just as I was reaching to unhook it, it dislodged by itself.  Had I not been there, that would have saved her life.  I am pretty sure it had tangled and released a time or two while I was gone even. I feel really good about this purchase.

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